OpenStack @ FOSDEM '14

Every year, free and open source developers from all over Europe and beyond converge in cold Brussels for a week-end of talks, hacking and beer. OpenStack will be present !

We have a number of devroom and lightning talks already scheduled:

Saturday 12:20 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Autoscaling best practices
Marc Cluet will look into autoscaling using Heat and Ceilometer as examples.

Saturday 13:00 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Network Function Virtualization and Network Service Insertion and Chaining
Balaji Padnala will present NFV and how to deploy it using OpenStack and OpenFlow Controller.

Saturday 13:40 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
oVirt and OpenStack Storage (present and future)
Federico Simoncelli will cover integration between oVirt and Glance/Cinder for storage needs.

Saturday 15:00 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Why, Where, What and How to contribute to OpenStack
I will go through a practical introduction to OpenStack development and explain why you should contribute if you haven't already.

Saturday 16:20 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Hypervisor Breakouts - Virtualization Vulnerabilities and OpenStack Exploitation
Rob Clark will explore this class of interesting vulnerabilities from an OpenStack perspective.

Saturday 17:40 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
oVirt applying Nova scheduler concepts for data center virtualization
Gilad Chaplik will present how oVirt could reuse OpenStack Nova scheduling concepts.

Sunday 10:00 in U.218A (Testing and automation devroom)
Preventing craziness: a deep dive into OpenStack testing automation
Me again, in a technical exploration on the OpenStack gating system and its unique challenges.

Sunday 13:40 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Tunnels as a Connectivity and Segregation Solution for Virtualized Networks
Join Assaf Muller for an architectural, developer oriented overview of (GRE and VXLAN) tunnels in OpenStack Networking.

Sunday 16:20 in Chavanne (Virtualization and IaaS devroom)
Bring your virtualized networking stack to the next level
Mike Kolesnik will look into integration opportunities between oVirt and OpenStack Neutron.

Sunday 17:00 in Ferrer (Lightning talks room)
Putting the PaaS in OpenStack
~~Dirk~~ Diane Mueller will give us an update on cross-community collaboration between OpenStack, Solum, Docker and OpenShift.

Sunday 17:20 in Ferrer (Lightning talks room)
Your Complete Open Source Cloud
Dave Neary should explain how to mix OpenStack with oVirt, OpenShift and Gluster to build a complete private cloud.

We'll also have a booth manned by OpenStack community volunteers ! I hope to see you all there.