OpenStack Folsom Design Summit

In a few days the OpenStack developer community will gather in the heart of San Francisco for three days of brainstorming and discussions around the next release cycle of OpenStack projects, code-named "Folsom".

The Design Summit is a key moment for our open innovation community. This is not a conference with speakers. This is not where a closed developer group announces to the public the changes they intend to push to their private "open source" project. We design, discuss and make decisions at the summit as a community. It's quite uncommon, and that's what makes us different.

Our (elected) PTLs have final say in case of unsolvable conflicts, but generally consensus is reached in those face-to-face meetings much more easily than on mailing-lists. That's why this is a critical moment, and we need to make the best use of this short time together. Connect with other people interested to solve the same issues, avoid duplication of work, and collaborate with developers from all those different companies on making OpenStack awesome.

We have great brainstorming topics for those three days. Most tracks already have a tentative schedule posted at, although it's still subject to scheduling changes. If you have a new idea for a session, it's too late to get in the official tracks, but we provide an Unconference room for talks that could not fit in the tracks, last-minute ideas and continuation of discussions. And since we like to talk about random stuff that matters to us, we will also have 5-min lightning talks every day after lunch.

Session leads should take the time to view Jim Plamondon's training video, it's a great introduction on how to make the most of a session you lead. I hope to meet all of you in person next week !