OpenStack Cactus BMPFreeze report

Our time-based release cycles are cadenced by a number of freezes and milestones, and we just passed BranchMergeProposalFreeze for the Cactus cycle. Feature branches should have been proposed by now, so let's see how well we did compared to the original plan we had for this release:

  • Essential specs: 3 merged, 2 proposed (100% proposed in time)
  • High-prio specs: 5 merged, 3 proposed, 3 deferred (73%)
  • Medium-prio specs: 11 merged, 5 proposed, 4 late, 2 deferred (73%)
  • Low-prio specs: 7 merged, 1 proposed, 6 late, 2 deferred (50%)

Compared to the Bexar cycle, the results are comparable (with less success on High specs, better success on Medium specs). With 54 specs targeted (compared to 42 in Bexar), that's a great achievement, so congratulations to all the developers !

Now it's time to concentrate on review and get those proposed branches merged before FeatureFreeze, which happens at end of day March 24.