OpenStack Bexar BMPFreeze report

The OpenStack Bexar release now passed BranchMergeProposalFreeze. Branches containing new features or changing the behavior of the software can still require an exception and be proposed, but there is no guarantee they will be accepted and be part of the Bexar release.

Some insight on how well we managed to hit the objectives of this deadline (% of specs that were proposed in time for the freeze):

  • Essential specs: 3 merged (100%)
  • High-prio specs: 8 merged, 5-6 proposed, 2-1 late (87-93%)
  • Medium-prio specs: 5 merged, 4 proposed, 3 late, 3 deferred (60%)
  • Low-prio specs: 2 merged, 4 proposed, 3 late (66%)

Given the very high number of specs targeted to Bexar, this is quite good (I was expecting something around 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%). The overall score is around 75%, which is amazing with 42 targeted specs in 3 months. Congrats to all the developers ! We also had a few unexpected specs that made it, we will retrospectively add them to the picture.

Next stop is next week, FeatureFreeze (Jan 13): all feature branches need to be merged so that we can safely switch to QA/testing/bugfix gear, 3 weeks away from release. Given how well the reviews go, I hope we will be able to sneak a few late branches in and further improve the scores.