Grizzly Design Summit schedule posted

Next week our community will gather in always-sunny San Diego for the OpenStack Summit. Our usual Design Summit is now a part of the general event: the Grizzly Design Summit sessions will run over the 4 days of the event ! We start Monday at 9am and finish Thursday at 5:40pm. The schedule is now up at:

This link will only show you the Design Summit sessions. Click here for the complete schedule. Minor scheduling changes may still happen over the next days as people realize they are double-booked, but otherwise it's pretty final now.

For newcomers, please note that the Design Summit is different from classic conferences or the other tracks of the OpenStack Summit. There are no formal presentations or speakers. The sessions at the Design Summit are open discussions between contributors on a specific development topic for the upcoming development cycle, moderated by a session lead. It is possible to prepare a few slides to introduce the current status and kick-off the discussion, but these should never be formal speaker-to-audience presentations.

I'll be running the Process topic, which covers the development process and core infrastructure discussions. It runs Wednesday afternoon and all Thursday, and we have a pretty awesome set of stuff to discuss. Hope to see you there!

If you want to talk about something that is not covered elsewhere in the Summit, please note that we'll have an Unconference room, open from Tuesday to Thursday. You can grab a 40-min slot there to present anything related to OpenStack! In addition to that, we'll also have 5-min Lightning talks after lunch on Monday-Wednesday... where you can talk about anything you want. There will be a board posted on the Summit floor, first come, first serve :)

More details about the Grizzly Design Summit can be found on the wiki. See you all soon!