Folsom is just around the corner

It's been a long time since my last blog post... I guess that cycle was busier for me than I expected, due to my involvement in the Foundation technical Committee setup.

Anyway, we are now at the end of the 6-month Folsom journey for OpenStack core projects, a ride which involved more than 330 contributors, implementing 185 features and fixing more than 1400 bugs in core projects alone !

At release day -1 we have OpenStack 2012.2 ("Folsom") release candidates published for all the components:

  • OpenStack Compute (Nova), at RC3
  • OpenStack Networking (Quantum), at RC3
  • OpenStack Identity (Keystone), at RC2
  • OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon), at RC2
  • OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder), at RC3
  • OpenStack Storage (Swift) at version 1.7.4

We are expecting OpenStack Image Service (Glance) RC3 later today !

Unless a critical, last-minute regression is found today in these proposed tarballs, they should form the official OpenStack 2012.2 release tomorrow ! Please take them for a last regression test ride, and don't hesitate to ping us on IRC (#openstack-dev @ Freenode) or file bugs (tagged folsom-rc-potential) if you think you can convince us to reroll.