Diablo Design Summit

Just a few days from now, lots of OpenStack community members from around the world will gather in (hopefully sunny) Santa Clara for the OpenStack Conference and Design Summit. As I explained here, those are two co-hosted events, and here are a few precisions on the Design Summit part.

The Design summit starts on Wednesday at 9am and ends on Friday at 5pm. Apart from the 25-minute opening plenary, we have three types of sessions: design discussions, unconference sessions and lightning talks.

Design sessions are the meat of the Design Summit. Those 25-minute or 55-minute sessions were selected from proposals coming from developers working on a feature for future releases of OpenStack. They are organized in 8 different tracks:

  • OpenStack infrastructure: discussions affecting all the projects
  • Nova APIs: discussions around the OpenStack and EC2 API in Nova
  • Nova volumes: discussions around volumes / block storage in Nova
  • Nova networking: discussions around networking in Nova and the proposed Network as a Service project
  • Nova core: other discussions on Nova
  • Glance: discussions on the Glance Image service project
  • Swift: discussions on the Swift Object Storage project
  • Other projects: discussions on OpenStack incubating projects

You can find a tentative schedule, organized by day or track, at the following URL: http://summit.openstack.org/ods-d/. You should expect it to change by next week though, as we tune it to ensure required people are present where they are needed. So refresh often !

The second type of sessions in unconference sessions. On the Thursday and the Friday, we'll have an openly-scheduled room available for all types of presentations or discussions. We'll have a big whiteboard with empty 30-minute slots: just mark your name and session title in your preferred time slot. We expect quite a few educational presentations, as well as discussions around peripheral projects to happen there. So watch that space !

Finally, from Wednesday to Friday, after lunch and before the design sessions restart, we'll have 25min of lightning talks. These will also be openly-scheduled, but in 5-minute increments. Anything loosely-connected to OpenStack is relevant, so step up and use your 5 minutes of glory :)

All the project technical leads and myself hope that this mix of sessions will allow us to make the most of those three days together. See you there !