Cactus is done, now Diablo

Our 2011.2 release, codenamed "Cactus", was finally released early on April 15. The Diablo merge window opened a few hours later, and in 8 days the developer community will gather in Santa Clara to discuss what will be in it.

If you want to develop a feature for Diablo and get your design reviewed or discussed at the summit, remember that you have until the end of Tuesday, April 19 to submit a design summit session. The procedure to follow is simple, please see for more details.

Your session blueprint will be reviewed as soon as possible by the track leads. Given the very large number of sessions submitted, we might try to group together related blueprints for a common discussion, or have to refuse a few sessions. The April 19 is a soft deadline: you can still submit sessions after that date, but there is no guarantee we will review it, and they will be given less priority that the ones submitted early.

See you all there !