Bug Triage day results

How did the OpenStack Bug Triage day we organized yesterday go ? Did organizing an event make a difference ? Here are the results !

Nova has more bugs than all the other core projects combined, and the most slack to clean up. We went from 237 "New" bugs at the beginning of the day and down to 42, a completion rate of 82%. In the mean time we managed to close permanently 86 open bugs over a total of 627:

Nova bug day results

So the BugTriage day definitely made a difference ! Congrats to all the participants ! It leaves our bug tracker in a lot better shape, and created a momentum around bug triaging and having an up-to-date database of known issues.

The success is even more obvious on smaller projects, with Glance, Keystone and Quantum all managing to complete all BugTriage tasks in the day ! See for example the results for Quantum:

Quantum bug day results

See you all for our next BugDay... which will most likely be a Bug Squashing Day (close as many bugs as possible) shortly after folsom-2.